The New School’s New Visual Identity: A Design-Inspired Process

Sitting in the fourth-floor conference room of the New York offices of Pentagram, the world’s largest independent design consultancy, Paula Scher alternately describes The New School’s new visual identity as “beautiful,” “revolutionary,” and “something that’s never been done before.” “Which ... read more

New Vision, New Look

Students and faculty returning to campus after spring break may have noticed a few changes to our buildings’ exteriors: a splash of color, a unique new typeface, and a bold new logo. One could say the design was a year ... read more

Parsons Student Shines with Prism Magnifier

When you think of a small, impulse purchase, things like junk food, toys and tabloid magazines typically come to mind. You probably wouldn’t add Daniel Martinez’s Prism—a beautiful glass object made of solid crystal—to that list. However, through a partnership ... read more