Heike Jenss Explores Fashion and Memory in New Book

Vintage clothes don’t only let you make a fashion statement—they let you wear a memory.

Heike Jenss, assistant professor of Fashion Studies at Parsons School of Design, explores the ways in which people engage with memory and time through fashion, and what this means for contemporary wearers, in her new book, Fashion Memory: Vintage Style and Youth Culture.

According to Bloomsbury Press, “Jenss offers unique insights into the fashioning of time, cultural memory, and modernity, tracing the history and current appeal of vintage in fashion and youth culture, and asking: what kind of experiences of temporality and memory are enacted through fashion? How have evaluations of second-hand clothes shifted in the twentieth century?”

Fashioning Memory provides a unique insight into the diverse use of fashion as a memory mode and asks how style is remembered, performed, transformed, and reinvested across time, place, and generation.

In addition to her work on Fashion Memory, Jenss recently contributed to Fashion Studies: Research Methods, Sites and Practices, which includes chapters written by leading scholars in the field, including Parsons faculty members Hazel Clark, Christina Moon, Francesca Granata and Otto von Busch. It is is scheduled for release on January 29, 2016.