Mannes Faculty Member Huang Ruo Named First Artist-in-Residence at Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw

Throughout his composer career, Huang Ruo has drawn on the myriad cultures—the United States, where he lives; China, where he was born; and Western Europe, the region of the world from which his wife hails—to which he’s been exposed.

Now, the member of the Mannes School of Music Composition faculty is adding Dutch culture to the mix as he serves as the first composer-in-residence in its history of the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam’s world-famous concert hall.

“I have the wonderful privilege of living in the great city of Amsterdam for several months, where I will create new work inspired by my new life there,” he says.

Ruo’s residency covers the 2015-16 season; during that time, he plans to compose several compositions, which will be premiered at Concertgebouw. The Chinese-born American composer is sharing his experiences on Tumblr.