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New Schoolers, What Are Your Plans for Summer Break?

The last few weeks have been tense: Students have been working diligently on final papers and projects, and faculty members have been gearing up for a marathon of grading and reviews.

But yesterday, all that stress gave way to the jubilant realization of a dream that for many New Schoolers once felt painfully out of reach: the arrival of the summer.

We asked students, staff, and faculty members from across The New School what they’re doing for summer break; the answers we got ranged from lazing on the beaches of Miami to running a marathon in Helsinki to job and internship hunting.

Colin Bedell, MA Fashion Studies ’16 and Commencement Speaker
This summer, I’m going to remember that I live in New York City. An academic year does not offer a lot of leisure time to explore, so once school is over, I plan on experiencing the city from a newcomer’s perspective. I’m going to visit its beaches and outdoor athletic spots, play laser tag in Queens, and visit Fire Island as much as I can. I also plan on attending an astrology conference in Seattle, which will help my friend and I get our astrology brand off the ground.

Maria-Elena Grant, BPATS ’16 and Manager of Operations and Special Projects at The New School’s Marketing and Communication office
I will be enjoying life as a recent graduate of the Bachelor’s Program for Adults at The New School. With my new found freedom (no class! no homework!), I will troll the city looking for concerts to attend (Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park comes to mind). And, in August, I will spend a lot of time at the beach (mainly Cherry Grove on Fire Island). Just writing about it has brought a smile to my face.

Vanessa Teran Iturralde, Media Management ’16
This summer will be very un-summery for me. I am graduating from the Media Management program and have started the job hunt. The next few weeks will be full of applications, resumes and, hopefully, interviews. Even though I will be staying in New York City for the whole summer, I have many friends coming to visit from Ecuador, where I’m from, and Argentina and Uruguay. My house is fully booked until August, which should be super fun! Everyone loves the city in the summer, so when you live here, you always get to be the host.

Timo Rissanen, Assistant Professor of Fashion Design
During the summer, I will be working on two articles related to my TEDC-funded research project, Designing Endurance, which is focused on limiting waste in the fashion industry. In August, I’m doing a two-week artist residency in Helsinki, where I will begin my next collaboration with the Finnish artist Salla Salin; we’ve been collaborating on the artwork “15%” for four years now. That will conclude with running the Helsinki City Marathon just before returning to New York.

Ricky Tucker, Writer in Marketing and Communication
I’ve been worrying about summer escaping me before it even begins—I have a lot of bright ideas and not a lot of time. Luckily, some work commitments will anchor my plans here and there. I’ll be teaching a workshop at The New School’s Summer Writer’s Colony, Reading Your Work Aloud. It seems rudimentary, but the lack of conviction behind your words can ruin them. I’m excited to explore this with talented writers. Toward the end of June, I’ll be in London for the launch of Different Skies Anthology, a collection of literature featuring a long form, creative nonfiction essay I wrote about the novel Erasure by Percival Everett, and my experiences as a black American. Somewhat conversely, I want to be at Dollywood on the Fourth of July. Insert a bald eagle and a Merica tattoo, and our forefathers will weep with joy.

Odalis Garcia, Journalism + Design ’16
This summer is very up in the air. I’m still waiting for a response from an (I hope) internship position that basically determines how the rest of my summer goes. As of now, I’m going to Miami to see my family and my dog. If I land the internship, I will come back at the end of the month to spent my summer working in the city. If not, I’ll be in Miami for most of the summer, soaking up some sunshine.

Anwar Shaikh, Professor of Economics and Chair of Department of Economics
I have a busy summer due to the many invitations generated by my book, “Capitalism: Competition, Conflict and Crisis.” I’ll be spending four weeks at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Pisa, Italy, and speaking at a large conference in Lillehammer, Norway and a research seminar at the Statistical Agency in Oslo. I also be speaking in Rome and Torino, in Italy, and in Athens and Istanbul. Then, my wife and I plan to spend a week or 10 days on the Aegean coast in Turkey!

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