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New Schoolers Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

The start of the New Year kicked off almost a month ago, but with students starting classes this week, it seemed like an opportune time to ask for their new year’s resolutions. The University Center was bustling with activity, so we found students from all five schools (and one alum), to sit for a quick portrait, and explain why they wanted to do things like enjoy being single, and engage in more conversations.

Hazel Sherin, BA Psych ’18, MA Psych ’19

“I haven’t thought of a resolution because there’s so many things! But I want to stay present in what I’m doing, and not abandon myself. I want to do what I care about, not what others expect of me. I want to participate in research I care about, mainly about personality disorders. I want to focus on creating my own identity.”

Malcolm Kindred, Photography ’19

“My new year’s resolution is to let go of fear. When you know that you’ve been blessed with a talent or skill, there comes a great responsibility, so you can’t be fearful becuase then you’re holding yourself back. So I’m trying to get rid of it. Everything will then flow.”

Chengcheng Cui, Communication Design ’21

“I want to focus more on my academics, but I also want to go out more, and meet more people. I want to open myself more, and engage in more opportunities and conversations. I like to be a listener, but this year I want to engage more.”

Flaura Xia, Fashion Design ’21

“This year, I want to go back to enjoy being single.”

Samantha Veliz, Lang ’20

“My new year’s resolution, in a way, is to be happier, which means there’s a lot of mini-resolutions. I just want to find happiness and stability. I transferred here from Indiana University, and Indiana was just a lot of everything.”

Alyssa McDoom, Jazz ’19

“My new year’s resolution is to work out. In general, I need to make a workout routine for myself. I want to become a runner. My body just feels like a potato sometimes, so I want to move more than I do.”

Nikita Khripach, Liberal Arts ’17

“My new year’s resolution is to write more. I write creative nonfiction. I hope to get published this year with one of my essays. They focus on my personal life, relationships, and urban issues.”

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