The New School Named CIO 100 Award Recipient for Innovative Use of Technology

In recent years, The New School has embraced advancements in information technology, offering a suite of new services to members of the university community: they can print from anywhere, check out laptops, and run a variety of university-licensed software on any Internet-connected up-to-date computer, tablet, or phone.

It’s all part of the The New School’s Anywhere Ecosystem—an approach to IT service that responds to a university community that is increasingly mobile.

What’s more, The New School recently launched the XReality Center, a new research center located at 71 Fifth Avenue, 9th Floor, that aims to advance innovations in virtual, augmented, and mixed realities.

For its innovative use of technology, The New School was recently named a recipient of this year’s CIO 100 Awards.

“This prestigious award honors the men and women whose work has profoundly shaped the IT/business landscape, demonstrating both creative vision and practical leadership in information technology,” according to CIO.

Chief Information Officer Anand Padmanabhan accepted the honor on behalf of The New School.

The anywhere ecosystem provides a platform for connection, collaboration, creation and growth to enable and empower students, faculty and staff with tools and services that are readily available where ever they are,” Padmanabhan says. “Facilitates learning, exploration, and hands-on experience and represents the untapped possibilities for engaging and inspiring scholarship through immersive technology.”