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Eugene Lang Students Present Research Projects at Online Dean’s Honor Symposium

The Dean’s Honor Symposium at Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts celebrated undergraduate research in the liberal arts, with nearly 40 students presenting original research during a poster session and panel presentations. Showcasing how student work at Lang brings together different academic disciplines into lively conversation, students from different areas of study presented their work while finding ways to put their projects in context with one another.

This year, students conducted the poster session and panel presentations online, due to the need for social distancing. Below is a list of student research and links to view the poster research and panel presentations.  

Student Research Poster Session:

View the Dean’s Honors Symposium posters here

Abigail Connolly, Life After Spousal Loss

How does losing a spouse affect someone’s quality of life, and what does it mean to ‘die of a broken heart?’

Alexandra Babicki, The Politics of Plants

What are the contemporary implications of past colonization on the environment?

Alyssa Lo, Hominem Ex Machina

Why are androids’ inability to experience legitimate emotions perceived as an inadequacy and failing in popular media?

Alyssa Woo, San Francisco: Rising Rent Threatening Resilience of the Displaced

What are the causes of the housing crisis in San Francisco? Why aren’t circumstances improving? What does that mean for families and individuals who are most vulnerable to displacement?

Asha Hassan Nooli, black on Black

How did the negative cultural perception of the color black, relate to the negative stigma of Blackness and ultimately the conceptualization of racism?

August Polite, Renders of the World

What does the world look like?

August Rust, Making Better Language: Access, Mental Health & Sustainability

How can we implement directive, emotional language that honors the interconnectedness of planetary health in order to drive future climate responsive work?

Ava Teague, Confession: A Public Exploration of Self

What can a confession be in the current world?

Gabrielle Francis, The Invention of ‘Coolie’ Women in Trinidad Through Postcards

How do these visual/colonial archives mark Indo-Caribbean women’s bodies and identities?

Jesse Ludington, Walt Whitman as a Poet of the Body and Sexuality in American Culture

How can public art tell us which aspects of Walt Whitman’s work American society has embraced, which parts it chooses to ignore, and what can that tell us about dominant cultural attitudes towards the human body and sexuality?

Julia Metraux, Confronting the Inaccessibility of Disability Services

What actions can people with disabilities and their families take in the United States to receive proper accommodations in different educational settings?

Julia St. Clair, Immersion at the Sirius Community

What does it mean to live communally and collectively? How do you encourage people to keep their hope, but not their complacency?

Katie Cologna, A Conversation with Arwa Ganja

How does Muslim American Journalist Arwa Ganja interact with a biased western media?

Martin Cochran, Navigating the Transparency and Legitimacy of Philanthropy: An Examination of the Giving Pledge, Does it Deliver?

Does the Giving Pledge do good in a manner that is legitimate and transparent to the public?

Mia Parker, Is Empathy Going Extinct? Meta-Analysis of Empathy in Computer-Mediated Communication

What exactly is the definition of empathy and how is empathy communicated in the digital context?

Micah Campbell-Smith, The Tangled Web of Post-Colonial Activism in the South Pacific: How and why the Maori people formed a transnational coalition of black and indigenous activists

How can reconnecting with one’s culture and history empower disenfranchised ethnic minorities, inform their liberation strategies, and produce a network and a model that helps other disenfranchised ethnic minorities do the same?

Molly Metz, Peeling Back the Layers: Hidden Hazards on Walls Around Us

Is antimicrobial paint as effective at killing microbes as manufacturers’ claim?

Nomaris Garcia Rivera, Wikipedia Project – Alianza Islamica

How is History written, who is writing it, and who is it for? Why is information often made unavailable for public use?

Ruben Cruz Valladares, Leaving Home: Political, Social, and Economic Turmoil in the Northern Triangle of Central America

What are the dominant factors that are causing people from the Northern Triangle of Central America to leave their respective countries?

Tara McClory, The Role of Perceived Coping Self-efficacy and Controllability in Stress Response Trajectories 

Does increased or decreased levels of perceived coping self-efficacy correspond with responses that might increase vulnerability to PTSD or other adverse stress response trajectories in the wake of an actual traumatic event?

Toni Marie Conliffe, Safe Third World Country Agreements: A Possible Way Around Non-Refoulment

Are safe third country agreements a loophole in international refugee law? Is a safe third party agreement possible between the United States and Mexico?

View the Dean’s Honors Symposium posters here

Student Panel Sessions:

Reframing and Reclaiming: 

Navigating Power in Space, Art, and Narrative

Sofia Mateu-Gelabert, Global Studies ‘20

Thomas Koenigs, Politics ‘20

Anya Andrews,  BA/MA Sociology ’21, Liberal Studies ’22

Faculty Anne Yust, Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Watch here

This Must Be The Place: Destroying, Preserving, and Reimagining Home

Grace Tarducci Henry, Visual Studies ‘22

Emily Dosal, Journalism + Design and Anthropology ‘21

Oliver Dillon, BA/BFA: Urban Studies and Architecture ‘21

Jay Tobin, Liberal Arts: Contemporary Musical Technology ‘20

Caroline Willis, BA/BFA: Journalism + Design and Photography ‘ 22

Jade Gomez, Journalism + Design ‘19

Faculty Adam Brown, Psychology

Watch here

Searching for Meaning on the Periphery

Claire Howard, Philosophy ‘21

Isabela Cordero, Literary Studies ‘20

Bianca Padova, Liberal Arts ‘20

Cale Zepernick, Cultural and Media ‘22

Tricia Stortz, Psychology ‘20

Faculty Stefania de Kenessey, Contemporary Music

Watch here

Body Language

Crystal Ellington, Culture and Media ‘20

Liv Koreman, Visual Studies and Urban Studies ‘21

Eric Osovsky, Culture and Media ‘21

Emma Jones, Literary Studies ‘22

Adrian “Art” Lajara, Literary Studies ‘20

Faculty Pacho Velez, Screen Studies

Watch here

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