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Students from throughout the university shared their excitement about being back on campus, and what they hope to achieve this year
Students from throughout the university shared their excitement about being back on campus, and what they hope to achieve this year

New School Students Look Ahead to a New Academic Year

As the new academic year kicks off at The New School, New School News asked students around campus what they’re most looking forward to this academic year, which includes excitement about being on campus, spending time with peers in the classroom, and exploring the city.

“Entering my final semester I’m really looking forward to organizing and running a big band for a performance of the music of Cal Massey and Fred Ho at The New School. I was super inspired last semester when I learned the story of Fred Ho’s efforts to perform and spread the music of Cal Massey (particularly the Black Liberation Movement Suite which we’ll be performing) due to not only his musical but political affinity for Massey’s work, and feeling similarly about Ho (and seeing the total lack of awareness of him in the communities I exist in) I decided to try to do a similar thing for his work, both his own compositional work, but also continuing his work in continuing the work of Massey. This is the type of thing that I wouldn’t be able to do right now outside of the university, so I’m really grateful and excited to get to do it now before I leave.” – Sebastian Alexander Johnson, Jazz ’22

“Being a junior this year, I am most excited to take courses like Next Level Coding and Solutions Journalism (both with very accomplished and engaging professors) that allow me to dive deeper into my specific areas of interest!” – Aarya Kini, BFA Communication Design, BA Journalism + Design ’24

“I’m excited to delve into some liberal arts courses in areas I haven’t studied before, like gender and sexuality. I’m also looking forward to seeing the campus come more alive this year.” – Emma Donelly-Higgins, Journalism + Design ’24

“I am most looking forward to being in community with other artists and building my collaborative practices.” – Emily Dean, MFA Contemporary Theatre Performance ’25

“I am excited to collaborate with people from different academic and professional backgrounds. Coming from a traditional university, I rarely had the chance to interact with students who weren’t directly in my field. The New School, and the CPCJ program, is a place where dialogue and collaboration across disciplines is encouraged – this is what I look forward to the most.” – Emma Slack-Jørgensen, Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism ’24

“I am looking forward to being back in the classroom. I love the feeling of being part of a thoughtful and passionate class discussion, and can’t wait to challenge my preconceptions and beliefs in my NSSR classes again this coming year.” – Grace Peacore, MA Anthropology ’23

“This year I am most excited to return to a collaborative environment and participate in my Studio Classes! I find that these give me the most opportunity to explore my creativity!” – Sara Rebelo, MS Strategic Design and Management ’23

“I am excited to be returning back to the classroom 6 years after undergrad and gaining skills and perspectives that build upon my professional work in non-profit. Also just excited to learn from peers! To be in a classroom!” – Amelie Lyons, MA Sociology ’23

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