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Tewari's winning design highlights the idea that life’s goodness lies in simple joys such as fresh air and the great outdoors
Tewari's winning design highlights the idea that life’s goodness lies in simple joys such as fresh air and the great outdoors

Arav Tewari, Product Design ’27, Wins LG Wonderbox Showcase Competition

Exposure is vital for the success of any artist, whether it’s through press, exhibitions, or social media. Arav Tewari, Product Design ‘27, knows that experience well, as his winning design for the LG Wonderbox Showcase was featured on both the Drew Barrymore show and a billboard in Times Square.

The prompt for the showcase was “Life’s Good,” which inspired Tewari to create an animation that life’s goodness lies in simple joys such as fresh air and the great outdoors. He meticulously crafted the animation using the 3D software tool Blender, and imbued the project with a lighthearted and uplifting message.

“Winning first place was an incredible feeling – a mix of excitement, and gratitude for the opportunity to put my work out there, but also immense relief, knowing that all hard work and sleepless nights paid off,” he says. “I’m really grateful that opportunities like this allow young animators and artists, including myself, to present their work to the world. And I hope that others out there with similar interests seize such opportunities and continue to showcase their creative work with the world.”

While Tewari was awarded first place on the Drew Barrymore show, his design was also seen on a billboard in Times Square, which meant he had to “unwrap” the final video and project it onto a flat surface in order to achieve the necessary curved 3D effect. While the video may have appeared warped, it also created the illusion of 3D when viewed from a corner angle in Times Square.

A still from Tewari’s video as it plays in Times Square

Tewari finds inspiration in the existential nature of life, where he attempts to answer his own questions through making, creating, and designing. 

“When I started painting, I focused on humanity’s venture into the cosmos and the question of our place in the universe,” he explains. “Later, I explored the contrast between human and machine intelligence, and the question of conscious AI.”

As a first year student at Parsons, Tewari is also inspired by his talented peers, who help motivate him to grow his own skills and passions. The support from his professors has also been invaluable, and helped him push his own boundaries.

“I’m excited about the wonderful influence Parsons will have on my future, and I look forward to the continued growth in both my studies and design journey.”

Looking ahead, Tewari is at work on a personal project called “The Universe Within” that allows users to journey through the cosmos, where they can dynamically alter the universe’s scale by zooming in and out. He plans to make the experience interactive, and utilize the resources at Parsons to achieve his goals.

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