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Spanning a range of genres and exploring a variety of topics, there are books for everyone on this list...
Spanning a range of genres and exploring a variety of topics, there are books for everyone on this list...

The New School’s Alumni 2023 Bookshelf

Alumni from The New School have had a busy year in the publishing industry, where they’ve written books that explore a variety of topics and span a wide range of genres. Discover your next great read thanks to the list below!

Upcountry by Chin-Sun Lee, MFA Creative Writing ’09

A middle-class ex-Manhattanite, a cash-strapped single mother, and a young member of an obscure religious sect become entangled in a Catskills town.

Now What: 12 Strategies to Landing the Career You’ll Love, Not Tolerate by Debbie Douglas, MS Human Resources Management ’12

Debbie Douglas shares twelve proven strategies she has crafted to help you go from being  “looked-over,” to “highly-valued.” 

Being as Relation in Luce Irigaray by Emma Jones, BA Philosophy ’05

Clarifies the relational ontology that underlies Irigaray’s conceptualization of sexuate difference, shows that Irigaray’s Heideggerian inheritance illuminates how sexuate difference is ontological, and identifies a continuity between the three self-identified “phases” of Irigaray’s work.

The New Designer by Manuel Lima, MFA Design and Technology

The choices made by designers have a significant effect on the world. Yet so much of the discourse on design focuses on aesthetics rather than ethics. In The New Designer, acclaimed author Manuel Lima aims to change this by challenging common myths and preconceptions about what comprises good design. He argues that designers must take responsibility for the personal, societal, cultural, and environmental impact of their work, rather than simply following a standard template.

Carmen and Grace by Melissa Coss Aquino, BA Liberal Arts ’91

An emotionally riveting coming-of-age drama about two cousins lured into the underground drug trade at a young age and the inextricable ties that bind them, as one woman seeks power and the other seeks a way out—the debut of a vibrant and stunningly original new voice in fiction.

Closing Melodies by Rainer J. Hanshe

As the 19th century comes to a close, Friedrich Nietzsche and Vincent van Gogh unknowingly traverse proximate geographical terrain, nearly circling one another like close but distant stars as the philosopher wanders between Nizza, Sils Maria, and Torino, and the painter wanders between Paris, Arles, and Saint-RĂ©my.

The Girl and the Lock on Her Heart by Lauren Lee, BFA Fashion Design ’20

A journey to love: friendship, romantic, and material love. But the most important of all…self-love.

Mom Rage: The Everyday Crisis of Modern Motherhood by Minna Dubin, BA Liberal Arts ’03

A frank, feminist examination of the hidden crisis of rage facing American mothers—and how we can fix it.

Ginny Off the Map by Caroline Hickey, MFA Creative Writing ’05

A heartfelt coming-of-age novel about trying to find one’s place in the world.

I Touched the Sun by Leah Hayes, BA Illustration ’03

A young boy goes on a journey to meet the Sun and discovers his inner light.

Girl Taking Over: A Lois Lane Story, illustrated by Arielle Jovellanos, BFA Illustration ’14

Can Lois Lane open herself up to friendship, romance, and being vulnerable in order to get the future that’s right for her? She might have to change her entire life plan to find out.

Broadway Bodies: A Critical History of Conformity by Ryan Donovan

In his new book Broadway Bodies, author Ryan Donovan explores how ability, sexuality, and size intersect with gender, race, and ethnicity in casting and performance.

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