Free university project annoucement

From the The Free University of NYC:

Dear Free University participants and friends,

We are writing to invite you to participate in another exciting Free University project from September 18th-22nd.

Last spring’s May Day Free U was a huge success, primarily because of the collaborative energy that was brought to the space by folks from so many different community groups, schools, and walks of life. On May 1st, 2012, hundreds of activists, artists, organizers, educators, and students came together to teach and to learn, to make theatre, art, and music, and to create an educational space from the ground up.

This September we will be holding another Free University, this time spread over 5 days. Following the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street on S17, the Free University will be convening as a space for movement building, dialogue, and radical visioning of what the future of the movement can look like in New York City. Confirmed participants include student organizers from Quebec’s CLASSE, Rebecca Solnit, Susan Buck-Morss, writers from the N+1 Gazette, and many more exciting workshops, skill-shares, and trainings.

We hope you’ll come out, teach a class, volunteer, or just participate in what promises to be an exciting week of radical education and movement building.

  • To register a class go here
  • To volunteer at the Free University go here
  • Print Flyers here
  • Or to get involved with the nuts and bolts planning of the Free University project, come to one of up coming planning meetings (details can be found on the website)

We hope to see you at the Free University from September 18th-22nd in Madison Square Park!

In Solidarity,

The Free University Planning Team

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