Truth vs. Experience in Probing Reality–A discuss with Simon Critchley and Brian Greene

Simon Critchley, Hans Jonas Professor of Philosophy at the NSSR, will be joined by Brian Greene, mathematics and physics professor at Columbia University, for a discussion on the nature of human perception and its relationship to actual truth.  This talk, entitled Truth vs. Experience in Probing Reality, is part of the conversation series On Truth and Lies sponsored by the Onassis Cultural Center and moderated by Critchley.

Greene is a prominent figure in theoretical physics, having made appearances in everything from Nova toThe Big Bang Theory.  His latest book, 2011’s The Hidden Reality, lays out for a general audience current theories about the nature of the cosmos and the existence of parallel universes.  Greene’s book has been nominated for the Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books.

Critchley has hosted several talks for the Onassis Cultural Center this year, covering such topics as historiography, media, and tragedy.   He has worked for many years in continental philosophy, and has also investigated the intersection between poetry and philosophy.   His most recent work, Faith of the Faithless, discussed several topics arising from the intersection of politics, philosophy, and religion.

The discussion will be held October 2nd at 7:00pm in the Second Court Auditorium of the New York Public Library.  Admission is free, however, please call (212) 486-8314 between 9am and 5pm to make a reservation.