Advice for grad students from the blogosphere

Besides this blog, what blogs or online sources do you follow for advice pertaining to your graduate studies? Occasionally, GRADFACts will re-post articles from The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, and other new sources that might interest NSSR students and faculty. But what have you come across that’s helpful?

A friend recently recommended a blog called GradHacker that offers advice on teaching, dissertation writing, navigating the job market, and how to develop good habits for graduate students. “Dissertation,” “Productivity,” and “Writing” stand out most from its word cloud.

Although more catered to philosophy, In Socrates’ Wake offer pedagogical advice that translates well to other disciplines. Current and future adjuncts are bound to find more than a few helpful discussions on troubleshooting various issues that can arise in the classroom. For instance, here is a discussion on how to respond to hateful comments in a productive and pedagogically valuable way. (Although you may disagree with the author’s position, there are a number of positions represented here.)

The web comic Piled Higher and Deeper is worth stopping by for an occasional laugh. Although not a blog per se, it consistently offers a valuable tip: grad school and the grad school experience can often seem absurd, and sometimes it helps to laugh about it. Of course, no one on our faculty resembles those depicted in the comics … right?

Finally, a quick search yielded this article: Top 50 Blogs Every Grad Student Should Read. I recommend interpreting this as a soft “should”–who needs more on their reading list? Instead, use the breakdown by categories to find what’s most useful to you. Blogs are organized by discipline, those that offer study tips, financial advice, and more.

Send me blogs that you think other NSSR students will enjoy and I’ll create another post with the results. Say a few words about why you like it and what you think others can get out of it. Include your name and department.