Milano Hiring Student Assistant

Milano is currently looking for a Student Assistant position in the PhD in Public and Urban Policy program. The candidate must currently be enrolled at The New School, preferably a Doctoral Student from NSSR with 2 year of studies remaining at least. They also need to be able to commit to 2 years and have the ability to work set hours each week.

You may view and apply to the position here:

Responsibilities include:

– Student paperwork (defense cover sheets, QE forms, etc.)
– Advising material (individual student files)

– Defense sessions (proposal, dissertation)
– Student meetings with Director of PhD Program
– PhD faculty meetings

Advising Assistance
– MilanoPhD@newschool (answering prospective students’ questions, connecting them with faculty/staff, setting up meetings with Director, etc.)
– Student tracking chart (updating the chart with credits passed,

QE/proposal/dissertation defense dates)
– Faculty advisors chart (keeping record of main advisors and committee members)
– Handbook (updating the handbook according to the most recent changes to the program)
– Canvas update (sample dissertations, proposals, forms, mailing list, etc.)
– Incoming students (putting together the evaluation spreadsheet—including all committee members’ notes, providing application material for the faculty to review, attending welcoming sessions, etc.)

Doctoral Seminar (weekly)
– Potential presenters (putting together the list prior to the beginning of the semester)
– Day/time (send out the doodle scheduler to find the time that fits most students)
– Room reservation

Newsletter (going out every Thursday)
– Seminars/conferences
– Job opportunities
– Funding opportunities
– Program news (students, faculty, logistics)

Web and Technology
– Keeping the web page up to date (application/degree requirement information, graduates, students, course schedule, etc.)

– PhD Lab (computer maintenance, printers, programs, etc.)