Canon: Debt Issue (CFP)

Dear Social Researchers,

After a slight hiatus Canon is back and calling for papers for our 2014/2015 issue which will be on the concept of debt. We are calling it ‘The Debt Issue’. Debt is a theme that touches every graduate student in one way, shape, or form. One might even argue that debt is a concept and reality that shapes the lives of every human being. We are interested in collecting writings from New School students that concern the topic of debt in its various manifestations. We are looking for a variety of short or long papers (1-10 pgs). Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • debt at the New School
  • student/educational debt generally
  • purpose of debt in a credit-based economy
  • cultural debt
  • spiritual debt
  • historical debt
  • specific stories/ethnographies that outline debt/credit structures/economies
  • debt and neoliberalism
  • debt and war
  • artistic and/or philosophical debt (anxiety of influence)

Deadline for papers is December 15. You must be willing to peer review other contributors papers. Papers will be submitted to peer review and finalized by by January 31st. Estimated publication date is March/April 2015.

To submit please fill out the attached submission form and email that along with your paper to or to (both is fine as well).

We are also looking for people to write blog posts, so please check out our blog


Dion Mattison

Canon Editor-in-Chief