Historical Studies Chair Federico Finchelstein Published in The New York Times

Federico Finchelstein, Associate Professor and Chair of Historical Studies at The New School for Social Research, has published an Op-Ed in The New York Times entitled Russia Today, Argentina Tomorrow concerning state influence on available media between the two nations following a major television partnership deal. Finchelstein writes:

Evident in the TV deal, though, was a more disturbing convergence between the two states: a shared vision of the role that the mass media should play in the government and public life of the nation. “We are achieving a communication without intermediaries,” said Mrs. Kirchner, “in order to transmit our own values.” This approach was echoed by Mr. Putin, who spoke of an expanding electronic media environment as “a formidable weapon that enables public opinion manipulations.

You can read more of Finchelstein’s piece on The New York Times website.