Ann Stoler Interviewed about the Institute for Critical Social Inquiry

Faculty member Ann Stoler was interviewed by the anthropology site Savage Minds about the Institute for Critical Social Inquiry.

In the interview Stoler explains what differentiates The Institute for Critical Social Inquiry from other summer programs:

Our idea is somewhat different. The focus of the ICSI seminars is both more intensive and perhaps less about theory with a capital ‘T’, than about how conceptual work can be harnessed to think innovatively about grounded social inquiry. The emphasis in our seminars is to offer the methodological traction participants can garner by thinking with others in one of three seminars, each exploring a different form of critical social inquiry that focuses on contemporary issues, subjects, and political configurations.  The ICSI takes as its charge introducing a new generation to “masters”, whose thinking in and about other historical moments might challenge seminar participants to think differently about their perceptions and practices today.  I am using the term “master” in two senses here:  the “master” is both, first, the person giving the seminar, sharing with participants how he or she each sees and works with and against, a particular thinker, and second, the thinker around whose work the seminar focuses (e.g., Marx, Hegel, Derrida, Arendt, Fanon, Heidegger, Rousseau, and Foucault—someone whose work you haven’t been able to devote the time to examine closely).

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