It’s Not Your Fault: Survivor Support Group

Don’t Hide 
Speak Out
While working on my senior capstone thesis on rape  culture and interviewing survivors of rape and sexual assault I’ve realized that we have no place to go to talk to other survivors. Talking with other survivors is not only therapeutic, but also helps combat rape culture by refusing to stay silent. I’m starting a survivor support group on campus so we have a safe space to meet and talk to each other in.
If you have experienced sexual assault in any form you are welcome! We survivors need to stick together and share our strength with one another to survive! There is also a FB group “It’s Not Your Fault: Survivor Support” you can join to get info about meetings and continue to talk to survivors outside of our meetings.
We will meet Mondays & Wednesdays at 1pm-2pm in room 608 in the 16th street building. Looking forward to our first meeting Monday March 30th @ 1pm!! For more info or if you have any questions please email me, Shea Carmen Swan,