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Summer reads by our faculty

The break is almost upon us, and now is the time to find a good book for summer reading.  Fortunately, several NSSR professors have come out with intriguing new works to help you pass the hours and keep your brain in gear before classes start up again. Henry A. and Louise Loeb Professor of Political […]

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Faculty spotlight: Mark Frazier

Turn on the news, read a paper, or check a blog today, and it is impossible to miss the ferocious debate raging over spending cuts and entitlements in Washington.  Yet concerns about government obligations to the elderly are not just a first world problem, as Politics Professor Mark Frazier shows in his recent New York Times Op-ed “No Country […]

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Faculty spotlight: Daniel Casasanto

What is the mind?  Is it an unchanging point, serenely unaffected by anything, or does it instead shift and flow in response to the external world?  Such questions have inspired everything from dorm room debates to innovative areas of research.  Daniel Casasanto, Assistant Professor of Psychology, has himself conducted several exciting studies in this field, and his achievements […]

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NSSR profs. receive Research Cluster Grants in memory, migration, and more

As higher education evolves in the 21st century, collaboration between diverse specializations will increasingly drive the discovery of knowledge.  The New School, recognizing the importance of faculty cooperation, has just announced its Research Cluster Grant awards for 2013, and several NSSR professors will be joining their colleagues from across this institution in a number of investigations. Victoria Hattam, William […]

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Faculty Spotlight: Marcel Kinsbourne

In today’s world of Wikipedia and Google, the workings of the universe – from the farthest star to the human mind – can feel as mysterious as ever.  A guide to the perplexed is welcomed, especially when it contains answers from luminaries ranging from Richard Dawkins to Brian Eno to the New School Psychology Department’s […]

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Insectopedia wins Fleck Prize

Congratulations to Professor of Anthropology Hugh Raffles for winning the prestigious Ludwik Fleck prize for his book Insectopedia, Insectopedia, which was also A New York Times notable book and the winner of the Orion book prize, is an ethnographic, historical, and philosophical exploration of connections between people and insects.   The Ludwik Fleck Prize is awarded annually. It is named in honor of biologist and physician […]

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Faculty spotlight: Timothy Pachirat

Assistant Professor of Politics Timothy Pachirat’s book Every 12 Seconds: Industrialized Slaughter and the Politics of Sight, is newly reviewed in the latest issue of The Atlantic.  How America gets its meat has been a controversial subject ever since Upton Sinclair described the gory details of the Chicago Stockyards.  Yet today’s meat processing plants operate with an economic brutality that dwarfs anything […]

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Music award for lib studies chair

The New School Liberal Studies MA Program allows students to be exposed to an astounding diversity of subjects, both in terms of the many different classes they can take and in the diversity of the faculty. One outstanding example of this is Stefania de Kenessey, the chair of the department and also a noted composer of modern […]

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Willi Semmler named Henry H. Arnhold Professor of International Cooperation and Development at NSSR

Willi Semmler has been appointed Henry H. Arnhold Professor of International Cooperation and Development in the Department of Economics at The New School for Social Research (NSSR). Semmler is internationally known for his work on non-linear dynamics, an approach that derives from the discipline of mathematics, and his modeling of instability, regime changes and economic […]

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Faculty spotlight: Prof. Ruparelia’s work on India and social welfare

As India’s economy moves to become one of the driving engines of the 21st century, the fundamental challenge shaping its future will be how its ruling elites manage the risks and rewards of rapid economic growth.  Sanjay Ruparelia, Assistant Professor of Politics, addresses this question in a new research project titled “Enacting a Right to Basic Social Welfare: India’s Great […]

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