Social Justice Committee – February 2017 Updates

New semester, new opportunities to connect with the University-wide Social Justice Committee! Check out the minutes from their February 2017 meeting. Or better yet sit-in on an upcoming meeting!


Minutes from The New School Social Justice Committee
February 15, 2017, 3-5 p.m., Orozco Room

Moderators: Chasity Wilson (staff) and Tamara Oyola Santiago (Staff co-chair)

In Attendance: Gigi Polo (co-facilitator, Faculty co-chair), Onno De Jong (Faculty), Paul Marcus (Faculty), Gail Drakes (Dir. of SJ Initiatives), Rita Breidenbach (Staff), David Howe (co-chair, Student), Carmela Wilkins (co-chair, Student), Cynthia Lawson (Staff), Rachel Knopf Shey (Staff), Marianna Luna (Student).

Notetaker:  Jennifer Yao Weinraub (Staff)

Not Present:
Randy Mulder (Faculty), Susan Mayer (Faculty), Ana-Maria Reichenbach (Student), Mitchell Bradford (Student), George Fisher (Faculty), Warren Spielberg (Faculty), Mia White (Faculty), Zsuzsa Feher (Student), Tim Marshall (Provost), Ollin Rodriguez-Lopez (Student), Susan Austin (co-facilitator, Staff co-chair)

Guests: Julia Silipo (student), Megan Elevado (faculty)

Welcome & Introductions
Review of agenda for the meeting
Mention minutes approved online
Report back from university leadership meeting (2/2)
Proposals – Paid Family Leave for staff members,and student workers
Open dialogue – next steps in social justice organizing
Plans for SJC retreat


Minutes – Gail: IT issue with SJ blog – meeting minutes will be posted when resolved.  There’s still time to comment on/approve minutes from past meetings.

SJ Leadership meeting 2/2/17 : Discussed post-election updates.  Faculty candidate affected by immigration ban. Legal clinics with Student Success, Student Health Services (Maureen Sheridan – Brooklyn Law).  International student enrollment may be affected, even from countries not directly affected by ban.  Average of  42% international students at TNS.  Sanctuary campus: See Board of Trustees statement and DVZ’s article in Huffington Post.  Spoke with Jordan Dunn, sanctuary organizer.  Need to compare Board statement vs. sanctuary campus platform.  Specific questions such as how do we respond if ICE agents come to campus, what happens if students encounter the legal system (minor to major).


What’s happening in the classroom/on campus: Faculty feeling overwhelmed.  Students fear travel.  International student employment and student housing is being affected.  Summer living arrangements for students.  Legal rep at Cardozo Law School (follow up).  The New School does not collect information about student immigration status.

Family Leave Proposal: Feedback: Should this be a proposal for the staff senate?  If from SJC, should incorporate family leave considerations for faculty and students.  Language for non-biological parents.  Budgetary concerns.  SJC to review by 2/28/17, and Jen W. will bring to Staff Senate, possibly Faculty Senate.

Student Employment by SJC/Maintenance of Social Justice Hub:
Gail: How to pay student workers without complicating things with MyDay, tax forms, etc.?
“Social Justice Award” payment by stipend vs as workers for students
Who organizes events?
Should the SJC meet in the SJ Hub? (Yes, folks present moved to change location of remaining meetings this semester)

Event Proposal:
Carmela: art project – memorializing people of color.
Exhibition in SJ Hub launched by event.  Proposal forthcoming.

Question to membership…Should meetings be open to outside participants?

What one thing are we going to focus on as the SJC?
Will be discussed at SJ retreat on 3/1/17 from 2-5pm
Cynthia will share a document we can all contribute to

Next Steps
Brainstorm regarding ONE SJC Goal for 2016-2017. Contribute to document.
Sign up for a working group / subcommittee!
Review minutes from past meetings; will be posted to blog soon.
Review Paid Family Leave Proposal and provide your comments to by 2/28/17
Working group to compare Board resolution against Sanctuary Campus principles?
Attend the SJC Retreat if you can: 3/1/17, 2-5pm, Social Justice Hub
Visit Parsons exhibition State of Exception/Estado de Excepción

Next Meeting: 3/22/17 3-5pm (but may change to 3/29, because 3/22 is during Spring Break)

Moderator: Cynthia Lawson.   Notetaker: Chasity Wilson