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Update on Reports to the Office of Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct receives and investigates all alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct and student concerns that are brought to our office, with the goal of providing a safe learning and living environment for all students. This includes educating students on their rights and responsibilities as New School community members and supporting their success.

The principles outlined in the Narwhal Pledge help guide the ways our community works with, cares for, and engages its members from diverging backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.

Our Process

Any member of our community may report an alleged violation or behavior through the online reporting system. Once an incident report is received, the Office of Student Conduct investigates and initiates the student conduct process, which includes intake meetings with students who bring forth a complaint, assigning charges (ex: general misconduct, disorderly conduct, damage to property) to respective students where needed, providing an opportunity for the other person to share their perspective, and assigning both responsibility and potential sanctions where applicable. These conduct processes are confidential to protect our students, however, we will inform students who have brought forward a complaint that the conduct process has been enacted for their concerns.

Responding to Recent Concerns

Over the past several months, students have raised concerns about their environment, safety, or comfortability in reference to the Israel & Gaza humanitarian crisis and The New School campus. The university is committed to providing a safe living and learning space for our students, and the Office of Student Conduct promptly addressed these concerns, providing resources including counseling services and student support groups among other resources, where applicable. 

A primary concern for students has been posters placed on bulletin boards and other spaces on campus that were believed to contain hateful speech, language, or graphic images. To help respond to these concerns, the Office of Student Conduct formed a Bias Response Team. This team consists of five staff and faculty members to ensure multiple perspectives inform the review process and that we maintain our institutional commitment to free speech. The Bias Response Team has reviewed and responded to posters that have been flagged for review and will continue to do so.

Individual students who are identified for specific concerns meet with the Office of Student Conduct to begin the conduct process when applicable. The means for identifying students can include situations where a reporting student knows the name(s) of who they are reporting, or through video footage of an act occurring. 

Next Steps

Since the December 4th demonstration at the University Center, the Office of Student Conduct has received approximately 50 reports about student conduct, including allegations of harassment, inappropriate language, and accessibility concerns. Each concern received is being reviewed according to both our individual and organizational conduct processes. We understand that individuals would like to be apprised of what our office is doing about the recent conduct concerns. While we cannot disclose the details of the cases, we want to assure the community that we are moving cases forward. Given the volume of concerns, this will take time.

The New School recognizes and respects the right of students to express their perspectives and peacefully demonstrate on university premises. Our responsibility is to ensure a healthy and safe learning environment for all members of our community. 

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