Roundtable with Oleg Zhuravlev & Natalia Savelyeva on protest movements in Russia

The Transregional Center for Democratic Studies (TCDS) would like to invite you to a 

ROUNDTABLE WITH TCDS ALUMNI FROM RUSSIA: The Emergence and Dynamics of the Recent Protest Movements in Russia

 A special evening discussion with Oleg Zhuravlev & Natalia Savelyeva, Wroclaw 2012 Democracy & Diversity alumni

WHEN: Tuesday, November 19 at 6:30 pm

WHERE: 6 East 16th Street, Room 930, 9th floor

In December 2011, a wave of huge rallies, marches, and “Occupy” camps began to emerge in Russia. The protests, triggered by fraud in the Duma election, were the first mass mobilization after almost 20 years of political passivity. Oleg Zhuravlev and Natalia Savelyeva will discuss the social mechanics of the emergence of the 2011 protest movements with a focus on motivations and ideologies as well as the usage of private and activist networks in producing collective action.

Oleg Zhuravlev is a PhD student at the European University Institute (Florence, Italy). In his research he is interested in the process of politicization in the context of de-politicization.

Natalia Savelyeva is an MA student at the European University at St. Petersburg (Russia) and a PhD student at the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Her research interests include gender studies, Soviet and post-Soviet feminism, and politics.


Protests in Russia

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