Hack Health: A New School Hackathon to Re-Imagine Health, Healthcare & Digital Solutions

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to design innovative new solutions for health and healthcare!
Hack Health:
Friday Oct 21 (4pm) to Sunday Oct 23 (4pm)

Open to all New School graduate students as well as undergraduate SENIORS.
Food and drink provided!!!

To participate you must APPLY.

Application deadline: Monday, Oct 10, 2016 at 12pmCash prizes to the top teams!
  • $6000 to the Winning team
  • $3000 to the Runner-up team
  • $2000 to the Third Place team

Application Process

Please send an email to utranslab@newschool.edu including:1) a

  1. A one page CV listing your work experience, academic program and research interests
  2. A brief statement (200 words maximum) indicating why you would like to be part of this unique initiative

Industry Partners:

  • Cognizant Digital Works
  • ReD Associates
  • Idea Couture

Health constitutes many things…

What does health mean to you, and what new solution would you create to solve the common problems we face today?

In this three-day workshop (Friday, Oct 21 through Sunday, Oct 23), graduate and upper-level undergraduate students from across the divisions of The New School will work together in small teams to explore, identify, and quickly prototype emerging ideas of what constitutes health and alternate paths to wellbeing.  What role will digital technologies play and how do our own behaviors impact the evolution of this space?

Large and formal healthcare systems, whether in the US or abroad, are remarkable for managing the healthcare of needs of large populations. However, they can also be intimidating, inefficient, and ineffective. Increasingly, individuals are finding alternative ways to navigate or work around these complex systems. Whether it is online medical websites, health apps, YouTube, home and homeopathic remedies, retail health clinics, chat spaces, or DIY cures, the options for resolving health questions and problems are proliferating.

The aim of the design exercise is not primarily to reveal the cracks and fissures in existing healthcare systems but to make evident and more accessible the new possibilities for improving health that new systems and solutions could provide.

How it Will Work
Over the course of the three days, the teams will build concepts of health based upon their own experiences; define a common problem—what is not working that should; map and identify the current and future health service ecosystems; explore emerging technologies and trends in healthcare; create personas and scenarios that illustrate the new potentials; and prototype hacks, workarounds, and new strategies for making health accessible to all.

Skills Acquisition and Learning Benefits
In addition to learning about solution development and design processes, through this workshop students will learn about how ethnographic methods are used in problem-solving and design processes as well as be given the opportunity to apply such methods in their own projects.

Together with New School faculty, industry experts in healthcare systems, information technology, data visualization, ethnography, and fast prototyping from global firms Cognizant Digital Works, ReD Associates, and Idea Couture, we will inspire and lead the students through the weekend design jam.

Download the flyer here!