Paid Research Fellowship on Seniors and Technology w/ Blue Ridge Labs@Robin Hood

Blue Ridge Labs@Robin Hood, part of the Robin Hood Foundation, helps build technology to improve the living standards of low-income New Yorkers. This year, their summer Fellowship will focus exclusively on seniors and their caregivers. The Labs is looking for designers, developers, technologists, as well as issue area experts (with academic, professional, or lived experience) on seniors and caregiving.

Fellows will delve into questions like:

  • How might technologies help fight social isolation and better connect seniors- especially those with limited mobility- to their communities?
  • How can we simplify and demystify the complex web of benefits and support systems already available to seniors, in order to increase access?
  • How can we build the capacity of caregivers to identify challenges, provide support, and connect seniors to resources?

The way it works is: the Labs recruits top talent (past Fellows have come from places like Google, the Harlem Children’s Zone, NASA, MOMA, Facebook, NYU School of Law and Twitter, to name a few) for a 5-month intensive based in Brooklyn: two months of human-centered design research, followed by three months of building out a product. No design experience is necessary to apply as an issue area expert!

No design experience is necessary to apply as an issue area expert!

Previous Fellowship teams have built technology tools such as an app that makes applying for food stamps simple and delightful and a platform that helps renters get things fixed in their apartments.

Greater detail on the Summer Fellowship and qualifications for candidates can be found here.

Interested candidates can also join a weekly webinar for more information.

The Fellowship runs from June-October, and the application deadline is February 27.