Upcoming Event: The Future of Work and The Creative Economy

AIGA NY is excited to announce a new series of programming called The Future of Work. In the upcoming months, we’ll convene designers, creative professionals and industry leaders to share insights on how the creative workforce is changing, where new opportunities for employment lie and what will be needed to stay relevant in an ever changing workforce. From developing enhanced leadership skills to understanding design as a business tool, creatives will learn to prepare and quickly adapt to the future workplace. Join us for engaging panels highlighting the most critical areas that will affect the creative community.

Each month will feature and explore a topic in-depth through public panels, breakfasts, and studio tours. Closer to each date, we’ll send dedicated emails for each event with a registration option. Please keep an eye out for those!

Upcoming event: 
February 15 – The Future of Work and The Creative Economy 

Below is the starting schedule: 
March 1 – Design + Tech
April 5 – Design Tools for the Future
May 3 – Designing for Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality + The Screenless World
June 14 – The Future of Work: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning + Deep