Chukwudi Nwamba

MS, Strategic Design and Management, Parsons School of Design

Also known as Chuks (pronounced “chooks”), I was born and raised in Southfield, Michigan and received a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Michigan. I began my entrepreneurial journey by spearheading an experience that brings awareness to African and Caribbean culture in Jerk X Jollof ( Through this work, I strive to create platforms for people from diverse backgrounds to learn, collaborate, and challenge one another. As a product of the igbo nigerian culture, I have grown to understand the importance of multidisciplinary experience and dynamic cultural enrichment. I aim to positively benefit my own communities and greater society through business, design, education, and empowerment.

What is the unmet social or environmental need you intend to address?

I intend to address issues of entrepreneurial and economic resource equity and education in underserved communities via culture-focused and non-traditional access channels.

What most excites you about participating in the Impact Entrepreneurship Fellowship?

The opportunity to network and learn from like-minded people, the fact that I know by the end of this program I will be a better version of myself, and the opportunity to gain skills that will allow me to reach my potential.