Green Worker Cooperatives Application Open! > Deadline June 30

Green Worker lead entrepreneurs through a 5 month process to launching a business in under a year.

Their Co-op Academy reduces the feeling of isolation often experienced by entrepreneurs, it demystifies the startup process, reduces time spent trying to figure out what customers actually want – and improves their odds of success.

Upon graduation from the Co-op Academy, each cooperative becomes a member of the Co-op Business Incubator program, where they work with the co-op’s members to execute the ideas they developed in the Academy in order to grow the business and become profitable.

The support continues with a shared workspace dedicated to worker cooperatives within the BXL Bronx Business Incubator, complete with access to conference rooms, printer/copier and event space. So businesses starting out can have a place to start out from!

If you know someone or you are ready to make a move on your business idea, now’s the time.
More info about Green Worker here