Scaling culture: Purpose & People Panel

A leader is anyone who gives more purpose to the people around them. Whether you’re an executive or a frontline employee, whether you work in HR or in accounting, YOU have that power. Purpose & People will explore where and how to infuse more purpose into your organization.

THIS PANEL: How do purpose and culture scale?

3 panelists from 3 fast-growing, venture-backed startups with 70-100 people. This is a pivotal moment in the development of an organization, and these bad-asses will talk us through what they’ve seen, what they’ve done, what they’d do differently, and what they’d do if they were in your shoes.

Panelist 1: Brannon Skillern, Head of Talent Management @ IEX Trading

Panelist 2: Stephanie Mardell, Head of People @ Button

Panelist 3: Michelle Leirer, VP of People @ Animoto

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