Suhail Mandani

MFA, Creative Writing, Schools of Public Engagement

Suhail is a storyteller, designer, and creative. As an award-winning consultant at Accenture, he was a Global Top 3 Finalist for the Client Excellence Award in Operations for a Fortune 100 diamond client, going on to be nominated company-wide for Best Team in Operations. An an entrepreneur, Suhail has founded three companies: Quickli, a note-sharing platform; Nomad, a mobile application to help traveling consultants network; and a fox’s shadow, a clothing and design company. As a Fellow, he hopes to grow a fox’s shadow into a triple-bottom-line organization through his non-profit arm, 1% for the Creative Alliance, championing the 3 Cs of Community, Culture and Creativity. In his free time, Suhail storyboards, shoots, stars, produces, and edits his own video podcast, the Scheme Team, as the Creative Director. In addition to working on a cross-genre rap album titled Argo Navis: a novel mixtape, he will be writing his fiction novel at the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference and The New School, centering around third culture kid and protagonist, Khayal Khan, focusing on themes of political identity, authenticity in Americanness, and the dichotomy between despair and hope.

What is the unmet social or environmental need you intend to address?

The non-profit arm of the clothing brand, “1% for the Creative Alliance,” focuses on the unmet need of funding the creative arts through concrete programs that recycle 1% of annual sales into grants and scholarships for qualifying creatives, as well as awareness campaigns like the “1000 Minutes of Creativity” podcast, which will tentatively interview 30 different musicians, artists, writers, and actors that create something from nothing, encouraging conversations about the process of each innovator’s unique experience with creativity.

What most excites you about participating in the Impact Entrepreneurship Fellowship?

The New School has a rich history for empowering marginalized voices, making the Impact Entrepreneurship Fellowship a symbol for the school, giving it an awesome responsibility to serve as the lightbringer for social impact. I’d like to be a proactive part of that story.