Danielle DiMare

Danielle is the founder and CEO of Kindra, a platform that produces custom books to celebrate amazing people in your life. Prior to launching Kindra, Danielle has worked to helped strengthen New York City’s infrastructure for school and community partnerships. She has worked in the Office of Community Schools at the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE), administering grants and building citywide youth development programs. Most notably, she helped launch and scale the CareerCLUE initiative, a credit-bearing, career-readiness program for high school students. Additionally, Danielle has served as a consultant to large-scale nonprofits, including those focused on college-readiness, strategic planning, and international corporate training. Prior to consulting, Danielle worked in the Office of School and Youth Development at the NYCDOE, building the Department’s infrastructure for school partnerships with community-based organizations. In this role, she was responsible for administering out-of-school time and attendance improvement grants serving 400 schools. She also partnered with the National Center for Community Schools to found the NYC Regional Assistance Center, a citywide training center for 21st Century grantees and created Department’s first after school information database.