Marsha Prospere

A native of New York City, Marsha is a creator, adventurer, and explorer. Considered by many as a “Thought-Guardian Angel”, she facilitates growth and provokes thought in a safe space. As an observer of life who is self-aware and curious, her interest in coaching started with her own personal growth journey and experience working with a coach to achieve her own life goals. As a coach, Marsha creates an open and trusting environment that facilitates growth. She utilizes effective techniques to help individuals reach their goals and leans into her more than ten years of experience in marketing. When asked why she does what she does, her response is passionate and clear: “I want to help humans reach their highest potential.” Marsha has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, chatted with Penguins in Ushuaia, and swam in the North Sea. When not working, she enjoys cycling, running, hiking, and spending time with family and friends.