Pamela Covarrubias

Pam is a photographer, podcast host, brand strategist, and storyteller at heart. A self-identified recovering procrastinator, she loves coffee love and believes in the magical power of food. Pam works with individuals to help them develop their personal and professional identities while staying true to their story.
She leverages her creativity and strategic marketing skills to develop systems that help her clients accomplish their goals and achieve their desired results. Pam’s mission is to spread ideas and move people. Her newest product, Snoozet, is a fabric pocket for cell phones that allows people to enjoy life without being distracted by technology. The purpose of Snoozet is to promote mindfulness, bring families together, and increase productivity while encouraging us to be present in order to live our best lives. Snoozets are created by womxn who have been deported and live in Tijuana, Mexico. Sales help pay for legal fees so the producers of Snoozets can come to the U.S.