Hackers, Unite!

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Is Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, pitting proletariats against capitalists, a bit outdated for our current structure of the economy? Ten years ago, Eugene Lang College professor of culture and media McKenzie Wark thought it prudent to include a new class relation necessitated by the Information Age. This time, it’s hackers (the scientists, researchers, artists, musicians, writers, and others who produce data) against vectoralists (those who want to control the spread of aggregate information). A decade after the publication of his A Hacker Manifesto, Research Radio caught up with Wark to see how the class conflict has progressed.

Interested in learning more? Join Wark and a wide range of scholars as they reconsider themes and concepts for the 10th anniversary of A Hacker Manifesto during a two-day critique and workshop on April 4 and 11. More details are listed on The New School’s event calendar. 

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