Senior Fashion Collections 2017

Meet the Parsons Paris BFA Fashion Design class of 2017 through their senior collections.


Alexander James Slizeski

A menswear collection designed to critique the current state of fast fashion by highlighting the absurdity of the amount of clothing produced and consumed while suggesting an interconnectedness between people through techniques of repetition that decry an industry that thrives on the exploitation of human labor.


Arianna Alexis
Conformation Bias

Inspired by how people filter, edit, and caption themselves on social media as new tools for self-curation, the outerwear collection is designed in layers consisting of asymmetrical front and back seams, in a variety of different fabric weights and opacities linked by a graphic line cut on the bias, to represent the filters and digital veils society lives behind.
Credits: photographer: Stefan Dotter, model: Camille


Brenda Rodriguez

The designer dives into the textile heritage of her hybrid Mexican-American background and investigates iconic shapes and hues from each culture to create a collection consisting of lightweight materials, revitalized by movement and transformed by abstract prints into unique pieces of optical art that establish a dialogue between the two identities.
credits: photographer: Diego Ledezma


Erica Xiaoyun Yuan
The Meridians Language

The women’s ready-to-wear collection is based on the creative investigation of sound therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine and explores acupuncture practices and meridian theories to develop volumes and surfaces regulated by plain colors, points and lines as contemporary sartorial metaphors of the human body.
credits: photographer: Robbert Jacobs, make-up: Camille Siguret, hair: Yolette Bouchar, model: Valerie Chapman@MPPARIS


Jennifer Koh
Sartorial Satire

After experiencing the waste of high-end silk fabrics in a couture atelier as an intern, the designer rethinks the conception of patterns for eveningwear taking inspiration from easy-to-wear fast fashion archetypes to design monochrome pieces following a zero-waste concept that envisions a sustainable process and production.


Katie Gementera
Growing Up Now

The personal memories of the open-air games and childhood experiences lived by the designer in her native England give rise to a womenswear collection in which playfulness, freedom, innocence and nostalgia are expressed through the contemporaneity of oversized geometries, exuberant ribbons and ludic accessories.
credits: photographer: Martin Middlebrook, make-up: Helena Henrion, hair: Sumiyo Kyoshima


Katrine Josefine Nielsen
Miss Mathiesen

To overcome the fears she had to face after the early death of her mother, the designer engages in an intense artistic journey in which the imaging of cancer cells suggest innovative chromatic research, prints and embroideries, while knits and voluptuous volumes translate the maternal love that has surrounded her and filled her life in the past year.
credits: photography: Malte Simon Christensen, model: Katrine Lyngsø, hair & make-up: Lexi Paige


Wing Yee Lam
The Precious in Danger

Combining strong knitwear pieces with plastic transparencies and genderless wools, the designer attempts to translate the ambiguous cohabitation of material precarity and intense human relationships inside minority enclaves through a collection inspired by Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong before its demolition in 1993.


Steven Zorrilla

Based on an extended survey on the contemporary relationship between men and their clothes, the collection investigates the progressive evolution of the classical men’s wardrobe and redefines the architecture, materials and aesthetics of traditional menswear archetypes to propose possible futures for men’s fashion.


Yoriko Kukita
Clothed Stories

The project stems from a participatory event that explores the sensorial memory of a food experience and seeks to investigate the daily ritual of getting dressed as a cultural practice, keeping a critical perspective on the current fashion system and its standardized values, and focusing on the fundamental powers of clothing as a medium of transformation and storytelling.
Credits: photographer/assistant: Morgan Kim, hair: Sumiyo Kyoshima, video: Anna Prokulevich and Mathieu Inkimo, featured participants: Olivia Grace Tucker, Azul Diaz, Lucian Moriyama, Eman Muhammad, Dasha Ilina, Margaux Salgado


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