Tranoï x Parsons Paris : Rebranding Sustainability

Contemporary fashion and environmental sustainability may sound like two subjects that have nothing in common.  But, in a recent collaboration, Parsons Paris students and Tranoï, an international fashion trade show, proved otherwise.

Parsons Paris students in their first year of Fashion Design Program and Strategic Design and Management specialization worked closely with the CEO of Tranoï and his creative team to make sustainable clothing a reality through the project they aptly named Rebranding Sustainability. Alongside Ecole Lesage, the school attached to an embroidery company best known for its Haute Couture work that belongs to Chanel Métiers d’Art, and using fabrics generously donated by Fair Makers, Parsons presented their eco-friendly clothing to celebrate the aesthetics of current fashion while integrating environmentally-conscious concerns.

After two months of work, this project culminated in an exhibition during Paris Fashion Week at the Carrousel de Louvre, where students exhibited their unique pieces, putting into the public eye their contributions to moving sustainable fashion into the eyes of the modern consumer.