Save the Date : AMT at the 2019 Graduation Exhibition

Immersive artistic installations by Art, Media and Technology graduates will be exhibited at the 2019 Graduation Exhibition, addressing diverse subjects including human perception, social consciousness and the relationship between nature and technology.  Learn more about them below!

Address: Mona Bismarck American Center34 Avenue de New York, 75116 Paris
Hours: May 17  7pm – 11pm  |  May 18  12pm – midnight  |  May 19  12pm – 6pm

The exhibition is free and open to the public.

Malique Moore
Keepin’ it Real
Keepin’ it Real is an immersive four-channel video installation exploring multifaceted experiences of the contemporary black person, through the eyes of Malique Lee Moore, a young African-American artist at the Parsons Schools of Arts in Paris. The piece examines W.E.B Du Bois’ research on double consciousness to articulate the depictions of the characters and experiences seen throughout the installation. Largely referencing popular culture in both France and the United States, the installation mixes music, performance, and cinema to critique the singular narratives existing within mainstream black popular culture. The piece thus offers counter-narratives of blackness, queerness, and gender, utilizing eclectic references ranging from Greek mythology, vogue ballroom culture, surrealism, and satirical television.

Eman Muhammad
Experimental Ecologies
Through her work, Eman Muhammad investigates concepts of ecologies and complex systems. Considering potential ways to illuminate the mutual dependence between human and non-human organisms, Experimental Ecologies comprises a book of design fiction alongside an installation of living algae. As a culmination of her research into biopolitics and a scientific inquiry into alternative energy, the work depicts hypothetical futures using algae to enable radically sustainable living.

Eliana Sanne-Villegas
Photograph of a Sunrise : 234 – 248; 2’38” – 2’48”; 3315 – 3513; 234 – 248
Eliana Sanne Villegas holds a strong interest in the idea of culturally influenced perception. Aiming to offer sensorial and emotional experiences, she uses sound as a universal material of expression, and focuses on low frequencies and their impact on individual human physiology. She explores memory, ritualistic practices, progressive immersion, personal experience, while also focusing on the invisible; the imperceptible fluxes surrounding one’s life and impacting perception and mood. Photograph of a Sunrise : 234 – 248; 2’38” – 2’48”; 3315 – 3513; 234 – 248, invites participants to discover an immersive sound piece designed to offer moments of reflection, harmony and discord.