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Smart Cities Final Projects

In the 21st century, 90% of the total global population will live in cities.

To account for these changing urban environments, the pressure is on to make cities smarter, more sustainable, efficient, inclusive, and livable. Working in pairs, third year students in Maurits Montanez’s Strategic Management course were asked to use design thinking and data analytics to create an innovative concept meant to improve the quality of living for existing citizens and the ones to come, thus leading to “smart cities”.

Students were lucky enough to have Deutsche Telekom as a strategic partner for the project. Deutsche Telekom’s objective is to spark long-term conversations centered around cities and the smart use of data for the well-being of citizens around the world. The company served as a source of inspiration for the students’ projects, and they also showed how diverse smart city innovations can be across different industries.

The students’ final projects include an application that improves the lives of city pets, a service for citizens to create their own energy, and a tool to report and track drunk driving.

Read more about them below:



By: Karla Jablonskaand Katherine Cohen

DogSpot is everything your pet needs in one place. Initially targeted for Paris, this project aims to make a city smarter for pets by connecting the existing ecosystem through a mobile application that features details about your pet, search for resources and policies in the city, localization of facilities, relevant news and services to keep your furry friend safe.

The Grid

By: Iana Prakheeva and Laura Zelmanowicz

THE GRID wants to empower Parisians and its visitors to create their own energy at home by providing them with accessible and easy-to-use sustainable energy production devices. Here’s how it works:

  1. Buy online and install in your home hydro-kinetic and piezoelectric devices for in-house energy production.
  2. Live your life and do your everyday habits while producing energy.
  3. Wireless power transfer technology (WPT) will collect produced energy in the battery and distribute it around your home.
  4. Track your production and spending of energy from your phone by downloading THE GRID app for iOS or Android.

The Snitch

By: Liam Gavin, Chloe Pelekanou

 The Snitch is a platform that eliminates drunk driving in Athens, by utilizing the power of its own citizens, resulting in a decrease of overall traffic accidents. The three pillars of this initiative are a mobile application for citizen reporting, crowdfunding for better urban infrastructure and free courses.

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