Parsons Paris June summer session

This summer, Parsons Paris is opening its doors to welcome college students to immersive courses of study during the month of June.

Within the program, students have two choices for courses: The Business of Fashion, taught by Professor Erotokritos Antoniadis, and Fashion Design Process taught by Professor Yong Andersson. Each of these courses insight students on critical thinking and processes within the field of fashion and design.

In The Business of Fashion the fashion system and its overall functioning dynamics (structure, management, strategies) is introduced. Students explore the main relationships between design, production, innovation and marketing. The course also provides an overview of the Parisian high-end fashion scene and its key actors, from talents to retailers. Through visits to Paris luxury stores and key players, students will gain an overall understanding of today’s fashion business. The course allows for enrolled students to begin to understand the basic elements, categories and strategies that define and drive the contemporary world of the fashion industry and business, while acquiring and assimilating business terminology relevant to a career in the fashion industry. Students will explore the multifaceted roles of fashion managers, designers, buyers,merchandisers etc. in the current business environment, and specifically, in Pairs.

Fashion Design Process uses the Parisian context to inspire design processes while introducing students to 2D and 3D techniques that they can apply to the process of creating their own unique fashion collection. Individual and collaborative projects allow each student to explore fashion concepts, fabrication, methods, and the distinct resources that make Paris a vital center for the fashion industry. This course allows for creation acceptable for integration into a portfolio for college admission, emphasizing general design processes and visual skills.Under Professor Yong’s guidance, students will gain an understanding of the fashion design process, learn how to create fashion collections through research and development, be introduced to the fundamentals and methods of fashion drawing and the technical aspects of garment making and the draping process, crucial for designing.

Each of the courses expose students to Paris, emphasizing how ones surroundings hold inspiration, and how in Paris specifically, there is something to soak in to ones creative senses with every turn of the corner.

We are super excited to see what our students create this summer, and look forward to continuously documenting their explorations, creations and growth!