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Midterms Stress Management

Midterms are in full swing! Everyone’s super busy with studying, drafting, photographing, sewing, painting, making prototypes, printing and more… but we managed to check in with some students to see how they’re dealing with stress or how they take a break from the craziness.

It’s important for me to remember that it’s not the end-all be-all, and as long as I try my best, I’ll be OK!

Whenever I’m really stressed, I sit down and make myself a snack!

When I need to relax, I unplug from technology for a moment.

Good thing it rained last week, it made me stay in and study more!

I talk to someone who’s more stressed than I am, then I feel comparatively calm…

I make a list of prioritized tasks and follow it so I don’t lose track.

I go work out, this morning I went to the gym before class!

My best stress release is to go for a run. It’s super convenient to head over to the Tuileries right next to campus, otherwise if I have more time, I go along the banks of the Seine.

I ask for help from other students or the writing lab tutors.

I get a group of friends together to study… we help each other hang in there, the more the merrier!

I let myself stress out, it’s normal during midterms!

I call my brother, he always makes me laugh and feel better.

Retail therapy always helps. I’m really happy about the new bag I just bought!

I scroll through the TMZ Instagram.

I go to Pret and get a sandwich. And, I drink lots of mint herbal tea.

I do breathing exercises or some yoga at home.

I go get my nails done.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in… Good luck, you’re almost done!

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