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Dior talk: how to apply to jobs and internships

Connor O’Sullivan (Global Talent Junior manager at Christian Dior) gave a talk during Career Week about how to apply to positions at Maison Dior. Here are some of his tips and advice!

Would Dior consider International applications?

For the right candidate, the visa was sponsored, but it’s less common.

If my application is rejected, should I apply to other positions?

If rejected, you are encouraged to apply to other positions because there are so many of them. It shows that you’re really motivated. We have 5 recruiters at Dior, specialized in different area. So if you apply to 5 jobs in retail, the same person will read them, but the recruiter will not judge you badly for that. Also, if we see an application that would be better for another role, there is a big chance we would reach out to the student and offer him/her the other position.

How is the international environment in the Paris office?

It is very open in terms of working language, English being the shared language. There are a lot of international profiles and talents at the office. Also, Paris is the headquarter of the brand and the DNA of the brand but there are opportunities in other regions of the brand, available on the website.

Should candidates write their soft skills on their resume or show them during an interview?

It is tricky on resumes but you can highlight some of the soft skills on it. The best way of doing it is by examples: volunteer experiences, activities etc. Concrete examples are better proofs.

Is it a good thing to have a retail experience?

The boutique experience is a very important one and good for the recruiting part. A retail experience shows a great understanding of our world (we are more than a creative brand, we are also a retail one).

How did Dior adapt to the current global situation?

In terms of business, Dior has gone digital, boutiques as well.

What does Dior look for in a Portfolio and resume application?

In a Portfolio, a vision of you and why you’re you, your personal flair. Your personality and creativity. If the creativity in your portfolio is inspired by Dior in some way, it will be good for the recruiter. Dior is very clear about their identity and the people who work in the Maison. Make a talent pop on your resume to get an interview. Show your commitment to excellence, make it clear on your application.

Is the retail internship only in Paris? 

Retails would be different depending on the client culture of the region. But most of the retails are uniform all over the world, to show quality and excellence. 

How does the application to the Women at Dior internship work?

You should submit your application on the Career platform.

What else can you tell us about the young talent program?

The goal of the young talent program is to keep the talents after the program. We are investing in our talents, we want to keep them in the company.

Is it possible to transfer between departments? Like from PR and Visual communication?

We celebrate that you’ve proven you match the values of the company and want to grow with the company and elevate the company, so it is absolutely possible.

Do you have any more advice to give future graduates?

Show your personality, what you’re passionate about, what you’re proud of in your achievement.

Be confident and proud. Make sure whatever experience you have is framed in a way that will show you’re proud and passionate. Be open to opportunities, even if they don’t look like the best idea, because you will make what you want of them and you don’t know where they will take you. Push yourself to make the most of the experience. There is no right or wrong answer, each will take you to a different destination. Own your dream.

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