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The fall semester has come to an end, great works and projects have come to life and students are now looking towards graduation. We spoke to a couple AMT seniors about their aspirations and goals after the upcoming semester.

My goal is to live next to the ocean in a forest somewhere and be self-sustainable while still creating and making use of my skills. In 6 months, I would love to do an apprenticeship for either cooking or tattooing. It would be amazing as well if I started making experimental music with friends. I think I’d most likely see myself doing a work away somewhere in the countryside gardening or working w for an eco sustainable art project. – Arifia

My dream job after graduation is in a magazine or in a publisher. I would love to work either with the layout/graphic design team for the printed magazine or book, or in the content creation or graphic design team for the Youtube Channel. Professionally, in a year I see myself doing an internship or a job that I like and that will keep challenging me professionally, pushing me to grow. I do not see myself in a particular city, but I would probably love to go back to one of the places I call home, so either Italy or New York. – Giulia

After graduation I aim to travel and create works about our planet and our environment. I would like to spread awareness on the current crisis of climate change and the urgency needed to make a change. I see myself living in many places to eventually discover a place I can call home, as for now I can’t say I have one. I am also interested in the fashion world as it steps into the importance of sustainability. I do not see myself with one fixed job, rather a career in many different artistic fields using and applying my skills to succeed. – Joelle

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