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Alumni Bio – Angela Braidi

Strategic Design & Management ’19

Angela Braidi

As far as she can remember, Angela Braidi always wanted to combine her entrepreneurial side with her creative one. Growing up in Lebanon nurtured her with a will to change things and to always move forward. This is why she decided to apply to Parsons Paris at the end of her studies and pursue the major of Strategic Design & Management. The major offered the perfect combination of design strategies applied to the business world.

During college, Angela completed internships, the most notable being her brand consultant role at Havas Paris, which was, by far, her most challenging yet interesting internship. During the course of the six month internship, she learned so much in addition to her four years in college. She applied all of her “student knowledge” into real world practices by working with real clients and real brands who she helped develop their branding and communication strategies. The challenging part was being immersed in a very French environment where social codes and morals are very different from those at Parsons Paris. Angela had to quickly learn, adapt, and master their processes. 

After four intense years of hard work at Parsons Paris, self discovery, and several internship experiences in different fields, Angela finally found her path and decided to work in marketing and communications.

Angela has been working in the field for the past three years; three years of apprenticeship, self-discovery, and hard work. Today, she is moving towards a more specific area, “Branding and Strategies”, a great combination of consulting and marketing for brands.

For Angela, working in Paris is a dream come true. She’s always wanted to work in Paris and it is her favorite city in the word. She loves the culture, the food, the architecture and the art. “Working in a French company is very interesting as well, as you get a deep understanding of their culture.”

Angela intends to stay in Paris and plan her career and life here. After eight years in the city, she can’t see herself anywhere else. Her advice for future graduate would be to aim for their passion and to follow their guts. “It is very important to work hard for what you really want. Make friends, enjoy the city, and especially work really hard to get what you want. Hard work pays off. I wish, when I was in first year, I had someone to advice me on how I should direct my projects to be aligned with my future needs. And especially, I wish I had learned during my first year what the French working environment is like.” 

You can find out more about Angela HERE.

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