Global Studies

About Global Studies

Global Studies is an interdisciplinary, university-wide bachelors program at The New School. Global Studies is about social transformation and justice. We combine rigorous academic inquiry with experiential learning through research and practice, to prepare our students for a future in which they are oriented towards improving existing systems — locally and globally — and gain the knowledge and experience to change them.

  • Global Studies teaches students to critically examine power structures and analyze pressing issues while introducing them to contexts, causal dynamics, and perspectives far from daily headlines.
  • Global Studies students learn to think across disciplines and scales, to understand our own implication in how things came to be, and to pursue innovative responses to seemingly intractable problems.
  • Our faculty include practitioners in a variety of academic disciplines as well as professions including advocacy, community organizing, and international law.
  • Experiential learning is an integral part of Global Studies, and the major creates opportunities for students to apply their knowledge through internship, volunteer and fieldwork experiences in New York and abroad.
  • The program also offers unique opportunities for sharing experiences and coursework with urban studies, environmental studies, food studies, and foreign languages.
  • Students with strong academic standing can apply for an accelerated Bachelors/Masters option leading to graduate degrees in International Affairs, Politics, Urban Policy, Media Studies, among others.

In learning to transform ideals into action at the global level, students prepare for careers in the non-profit sector, public service, international organizations, global media, development, the arts, research organizations, education, and law, as well as graduate study in the social sciences, and more.

Current course clusters for elective study include:

The Ground Beneath our Feet: Places, Peoples, and Encounters

The Ground Beneath our Feet: Places, Peoples, and Encounters [PPE]

  • This cluster focuses on the relationship between global structures, multiple forms of knowledge, identities, and lived experiences.
  • Courses link the global and the local through an emphasis on how structures affect everyday life under globalization, and how people across a variety of contexts understand, negotiate, and resist them.

Rules of (Dis)Order: Markets and States, Networks and Hierarchies

Rules of (Dis)Order: Markets and States, Networks and Hierarchies [MS]

  • This cluster concerns how the global is “ordered,” especially through the global economy and the nation-state system with its international institutions and structures.
  • Courses explore the tensions between hierarchies and networks, state and non-state actors, and rules and exceptions, critically evaluating the assumptions, interests, and values behind the orders and alternatives that structure our field of action.

Co-Existence or Non-Existence: Rights, Justice, and Governance

Co-Existence or Non-Existence: Rights, Justice, and Governance [RJG]

  • This cluster examines the challenge of achieving global justice and its attendant attempts to justly govern global flows of people, goods, money, and information.
  • Courses offer critical perspectives on the complexities and contradictions of top-down interventions and institutions of law, development and aid, and memory, justice and reconciliation.

Global Spaces: Urban, Media, Environment

Global Spaces: Urban, Media, Environment [UME]

  • This cluster focuses on how the organization of space, dissemination of information and media, as well as changes in the environment pose new global challenges at scales beyond the regulation and power of formal institutions or local actors.
  • Courses familiarize students with new methodologies to understand these challenges.

Bachelor’s Program and Eugene Lang students can declare Global Studies as their major.  For more information about Global Studies at The New School, including updates on events and courses contact