Global Engagement Colloquium Requirement

For majors who declared from Fall 2018 onward, the Global Engagement Colloquium requirement consists of approved intensive experiential learning, and enrollment in the 2-credit Global Engagement Colloquium course following the experience. The goal of this experience is to bring into conversation theoretical ideas and concepts from the classroom with everyday realities on the ground. This experience will require you to reflect upon what it means to engage with the world in a thoughtful and ethical way, to understand and navigate uneven power dynamics, to build relationships with individuals and communities, and to consider questions of reciprocity and accountability.

You can fulfill this requirement through, for example, volunteer work, internships or experiences in New York City or elsewhere, subject to advance approval by the program.

To fulfill this requirement you must:

1. Submit a proposal for your Global Engagement Colloquium Experience that includes the points below. In total the proposal should be approximately 1,000 words.

– Describe your Global Engagement Colloquium experience in detail, including the location and the type of work you will be doing.

– Explain how this experience will speak specifically to the content and themes of Global Studies courses. What are the specific types of questions or issues you will be exploring through your experiential learning site?

To take the Global Engagement Colloquium course in Fall 2019, submit your proposal by August 15th, 2019. You will receive permission to register for the course after your proposal has been approved by the Global Studies faculty.


2. Complete a minimum of 40 hours over the course of the experience. (Most students complete the experience during a semester or over the summer).

3. Document your experience in the form of a hand-written or electronic journal (blog or other options). You may also include others materials (such as photographs, objects or other representational documents). Your written documentation must cover the entire period of the experience. These materials will be required for participation in the Global Engagement Colloquium, for which you will enroll the following semester.

4. Register for the 2-credit Global Engagement Colloquium (UGLB 3903) the semester following your experience. You will receive permission to register after your Global Engagement proposal has been approved.


– Examples of students’ Global Engagement experiences are available here.

– Guidelines on how to keep a journal are available here and here.

– If you are studying abroad for your experiential component, you must familiarize yourself with the Undergraduate Transfer Credit Policy.  Please ask the GLUE Advisor any questions before you finalize your plans!