Global, Urban, and Environmental Studies (GLUE)

Urban Studies Senior Thesis Archive

Spring 2021


  • Cicely Hunsche Exploring Transportation and Mobility in New York City During Covid-19
  • Vanessa Xelo  The Prospects of Housing Cooperatives for Creating Affordable Housing in NYC
  • Maya Silver  How Using Inclusive Planning to Implement Green Roofs in Bronx Community District 1 Can Be A Step Towards Social and Environmental Equity


  • Galen Peterson  Wildfire: A Formation of Spirit
  • Alexandra Vargas  S O L: Facilitating Empowerment through Storytelling
  • Giulia Andronico De Morais Salles  Changing Landscapes: A Case Study of Transit-Induced Gentrification at the Vila Madalena Metro Station Area in São Paulo, Brazil


  • Ollie Dillon  Successes in Soviet Urban Planning and their Application to Modern American Planning Failures
  • Joshua Fiore  Autonomous Space-Making: The Right to the City in the Housing Struggle of West Berlin
  • Nihil Nudelman  FTP: Imagining the People’s City

Spring 2020

  • Jervey Inglesby Kinda Sorta Public Spaces
  • Rachel Elson Coming Out & Popping Up: How queer pop-up events produce communal queer spaces
  • Juana Urrea Arango The 14th Street Landmark Postcard Project
  • Samantha Curry The Modern Food Desert: What We Know, What We Think We Know, and What to Do About All of It
  • Amelia Alman Newtown Creek – Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Challenges of Industrial Resilience and the Prioritizing of Residential Real Estate 
  • Natalie Moselle Equitable Solutions to Displacement: A Case Study of Transit Expansion in Seattle
  • Stockton Cobb ‘We Will Be Back’: How Disaster Capitalism and Extractive Industry Fueled an Urban Renaissance in Oklahoma City

Spring 2019 Senior Thesis Projects

  • Reem Abi Sabra Inwood Hill Park and the Future of Green in the City
  • Daniel Chu Reimagining Resiliency
  • Liam Donaldson Bodega Talk: Exploring Community and Identity in NYC Corner Stores
  • Yudelka Gomez Espinal Architecture of Necessity in Havana, Cuba
  • Josephine Hill-James Housing not as Commodity, but Housing as Home”: The Case of Penn South
  • Isabella Olivo The Rust Belt is Not Here, Yet
  • Christine Mercedes Rodriguez Practices make solutions: A look into social practices in Bushwick that serves our needs

Fall 2018 Senior Thesis Projects

Spring 2018 Senior Thesis Projects

  • Samiha Ahmed An exploration of sense of place in the age of algorithms
  • Sade Swift Building Just Communities
  • Michael Klunder How Transit Oriented Development & Placemaking Can Redefine San Antonio’s Urban Core
  • Desiree Rodriguez-St Plice Gentrification or Nah: And what that means to teens”
  • Julia Foote That Didn’t Work Out Well for Them: The American Dream and the Suburban Horror Film
  • Courtney Sprigg Biomimicry to Inform Urban Design

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