Watch: Recent Interviews with Alexandra Delano Alonso about her new book, the recent Mexican election, and more

Alexandra Délano Alonso, Associate Professor & Chair of Global Studies, was on TV talking about her new book “From Here And There: Diaspora Policies, Integration, and Social Rights Beyond Borders” (Oxford University Press, 2018).

The book discusses the effects of anti-immigrant backlash in the United States in migrants and their families and alternative policies and practices that address these effects and attempt to shift attitudes towards migrants. It also examines the effects of DACA from the perspective of origin countries, including returned Dreamers and reintegration policies.

Alexandra was also featured on the The Brian Lehrer Show discussing the recent Mexican election and her book, as well as in El Financiero/Bloomberg regarding the Mexican victims of 9/11.

Her interview with Canal 22 (Mexico) starts at 35’:




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