Review Essay—Review of Rocco Rubini’s The Other Renaissance, by Paul Kottman

Paul Kottman reviews Rocco Rubini’s The Other Renaissance: Italian Humanism between Hegel and Heideggerpublished by University of Chicago Press (2014).

Article available through Philosophy Documentation Center, here.

Paul Kottman is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts and The New School for Social Research. He is the author of Disinheriting the Globe: Tragic Conditions in Shakespeare (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009) and A Politics of the Scene (Stanford University Press, 2008). He is the editor of the book series Square One: First-Order Questions in the Humanities, published by Stanford University Press, and the essay collection Philosophers on Shakespeare (Stanford University Press, 2009).

Paul Kottman, review of The Other Renaissance: Italian Humanism between Hegel and Heidegger, by Rocco Rubini, in “Philosophy and History,” ed. Jeremy Gauger, special issue, Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 37:2 (2016), pp. 429–34.

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