Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal

The Event of Finitude, by Renaud Barbaras

Kant and the Project of the Metaphysics of Enlightenment, by Axel Hutter

Porosity: Violence and the Question of Politics in Heidegger’s Introduction to Metaphysics, by William McNeill

Aristotle’s Definition of Motion and Its Ontological Implications, by Rémi Brague

The Emergence and Original Meaning of the Name “Metaphysics”, by Hans Reiner

On the Alleged Impossibility of a Science of Accidents in Aristotle, by Alban Urbanas

Speculation and the Metaphysics of History, by Carl Page

The Ends of Metaphysics, by György Markus

Platonism at the Limit of Metaphysics, by John Sallis

Metaphysics for Lovers, by José Benardete

About GFPJ

The Journal, published semi-annually in association with the Department of Philosophy at The New School for Social Research, provides a forum in which contemporary authors engage with the history of philosophy and its traditions.

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