Tocqueville and Flaubert on 1848: The Sublimity of Revolution, by Frank Ankersmit

Article available through Philosophy Documentation Center, here.

Frank Ankersmit is Professor Emeritus in Intellectual and Theoretical History at the University of Groningen. His many books include Meaning, Truth, and Reference in Historical Representation (Cornell University Press, 2012), Sublime Historical Experience (Stanford University Press, 2005) and the edited collection (with Hans Kellner) A New Philosophy of History (University of Chicago Press, 1995). Among his recent publications are “The Future and Its Enemies: In Defense of Political Hope,” Common Knowledge (2013), “The Transfiguration of Distance into Function,” History and Theory (2011), and “Representation and Reference,” Journal of the Philosophy of History (2010).

Frank Ankersmit, “Tocqueville and Flaubert on 1848: The Sublimity of Revolution,” in “Philosophy and History,” ed. Jeremy Gauger, special issue, Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 37:2 (2016), pp. 253–71.


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