Rethinking Thinking: Heidegger in the 1950s, by Andrew J. Mitchell

Article available through Philosophy Documentation Center, here.

Andrew J. Mitchell is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Emory College of Arts and Sciences. He is the author of The Fourfold: Reading the Late Heidegger (Northwestern University Press, 2015) and Heidegger Among the Sculptors: Body, Space, and the Art of Dwelling (Stanford University Press, 2010). Among his many essays are “Heidegger’s Breakdown: Health and Healing under the Care of Dr. V.E. von Gebsattel,” Research in Phenomenology (2016), and “The Coming of History: Heidegger and Nietzsche against the Present,” Continental Philosophy Review (2013). Additionally, he is the translator of a number of philosophical works including, Martin Heidegger’s On Hegel’s Philosophy of Right: The 1934–1935 Seminar and Interpretive Essays (Bloomsbury, 2014) and his Bremen and Freiburg Lectures: Insight Into That Which Is and Basic Principles of Thinking (Indiana University Press, 2012).

Andrew J. Mitchell, “Rethinking Thinking: Heidegger in the 1950s,” Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 38:1 (2017), pp. 115-30.